Classified by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, the island of Flores is the westernmost point of Europe. It 143km2 area, 17km long and 12.5 km wide.

It consists of two counties, Santa Cruz and Lajes, not exceeding 4000 inhabitants.

It is characterized by a very jagged coastline and extremely rugged, reaching 600 meters in the extreme northwest of the island. The northeast coast is characterized by extensive and high coastal cliffs cut by numerous valleys with streams and waterfalls. With a very rugged topography and marked by high elevations, the central platform, which is between 500 and 600 meters, has in the High Hill at 914 meters, the highest elevation. In the central plateau, instead of volcanic craters that gave rise to the formation of the island, especially the seven ponds, which are important water reservoirs.

The climate is tempered by the influence of the Gulf Stream, offering average temperature of around 17 ยบ C.